MS in Nutritional Science(USA)

Clinical Dietician

Mon to Fri:-10:00am to 01:00pm , Saturday : - 11:00am to 02: 00pm

Mrs. Khushbu Choksi has experience working as a Clinical Dietician in India and also in renowned hospitals and clinics in Los-Angeles, USA. She has completed her Masters in Nutritional Science along with a coordinated dietetics program and has been a Registered Dietician in the USA. She specializes in making you healthy and fit from inside of your body. She not only works to make you lose or gain weight but to keep you blood lipids, glucose, hormones levels in check. Her education and experience in hospitals help her to guide you towards preventing various avoidable health diseases and further in managing chronic diseases like hypertension, obesity, cardiac diseases, renal and liver diseases. Also, she is certified in sports-nutrition specialty and works with several marathon runners and weight trainers to help them achieve their body goals effectively with the right amount of diet.

Currently, she works at the VAMA wellness center for women and as a visiting dietician for the weight trainers at Fitoholics body fitness studio.

Her aim is to maximize the quality of personalized consultation she can provide to each patient visiting the VAMA wellness center for women. Her majority of the clientele at VAMA clinic includes ante-natal women, patients with hypo/hyperthyroidism/patients with high cholesterol levels in blood/ obese and overweight teenagers.

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