M.S. ( O& G), CIMP


Menopause Specialist

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Dr. Drashti R. Patel

Credential IMS Menopause Practitioner (CIMP)

Dr. Drashti Patel is currently running a successful private practice at Tanmay Hospital For Women for the last 14 years. She is a certified menopause practitioner for the last 5 years. She is also a certified sonologist from the Ian Donald University of Croatia.

Drashti has special interest in public service, and has conducted various awareness programs for adolescents in schools and menopause related programs in many social groups. She believes that prevention is better than cure, especially in gynecological cancers, and has special interest in cervical cancer prevention through regular Pap smears, colposcopy and vaccination.

She has been working in this direction over ten years now.