Sono Care and Fetal Care

We bring incredible images of your unborn baby to life with cutting-edge technology!

VAMA Sono & Fetal Care provides a comprehensive range of services for screening, diagnosis, counseling, and management of fetal abnormalities during pregnancy. The center is equipped with quality Diagnostic Ultrasound Machines, including machines with 3D/4D capabilities.

Ultrasound services are integral to women's health and with latest state-of-the-art 3D-4D GE voluson S 10 and Logiq F6 R2 sonography and Colour Doppler machines, our experienced sonographers provide a comprehensive service of performing 'routine' abdominal and gynecological scans to specialized obstetric scans including first trimester (nuchal translucency) and second trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities, as well as more targeted exams,including detailed Doppler evaluations, 3D and 4D imaging and fetal echocardiography

Our sonography expert is highly specialized in the field of fetal medicine and will provide preconception counseling, genetic counseling, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for pregnant women with a previous history of complications in the baby during pregnancy.

Sonography, Mammography & Fetal Medicine Expert

Dr. Priyanka P. Desai - M.B.B.S.; D.M.R.D,

Sonography & Mammography Expert

DR. Renu J. GANDHI - M.D.; (Radio Diagnosis)

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