Gynaecology and Obstetrics

VAMA Wellness Centre For Women offers gynecology services in Surat City to help women to stay healthy at every stage of their lives. Our clinic specialises in women's health, so you know that you are speaking to an expert when you see one of our doctors.

VAM gynecology clinic provides all of the care that you need, from routine screening tests to treatments for all kinds of gynecological problems.

Looking after your sexual and reproductive health is important.You should see a gynecologist for regular screening and whenever you experience menstrual problems or other gynecological issues. Seeking treatment and advice from a specialist is the best way to protect your health and find relief from your symptoms.

When you visit our gynecology clinic, you will have a chance to discuss your concerns with highly experienced specialist woman gynecologist. The gynecology consultant may want to conduct some tests, perform an examination, or take some samples to send to the lab. At the VAMA Wellness Centre, For Women, we conduct a comprehensive list of gynecological screening tests and well women health checks.


Our Female Gynaecologist Specialists Team At Your Service

Our highly experienced gynecologists can provide you with all of the care that you need, at any age. We offer a full range of gynecological services in Surat South Gujarat, from routine check-ups, cervical smears and screenings to referrals from local GPs, and our team has experience treating women from their first periods, through any premenstrual symptoms, menstrual disorders, pregnancies to the menopause.

We understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable during your examinations or treatments, and this is exactly what our lady gynecologist can provide. We offer not only the highest standard of care but also a treatment space where you will feel well cared for and as relaxed as possible.

We provide a space where you can seek advice and discuss your symptoms without having to feel embarrassed or rushed. We are here to listen and to provide the care and support you need at our gynecology center.

We specialise in most aspects of gynecology from wellness for women checks, through to menstrual disorders and premenstrual symptoms. Our gynecology doctors offer expertise across a spectrum ranging from contraception issues through to problems of the menopause.



At the VAMA Women Wellness Centre in Surat, we believe that maternity is very special. That's why we go out of our way to ensure that our patients receive obstetrics services - maternity services that are exceptional in every way. Our female doctor's team specialises in providing care throughout pregnancy, and we have designed our services not only to provide you with superior support but also to ensure that you have peace of mind, from start to finish. Take the pressure out of pregnancy and let us help you enjoy your maternity.

Our center features state of the art facilities, with advanced equipment that we use to help inform our antenatal consultants.

We offer a wide range of maternity care services. Whether you're interested in a comprehensive consultant led private maternity care, periodic appointments alongside outpatient midwifery, We're here to provide you with the highest quality of private antenatal care and assistance available.

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Dr. Rupal N. Shah - M.D.; D.G.O

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist

Dr. Vaibhavi J. Choksi - M.D.; D.G.O

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