General Medical Care

At VAMA Women Wellness Centre we have experienced women General Consultant Physician on-hand to provide a comprehensive range of medical services to cater for women of all age.

We understand that general illness often happens when you least need it to, and to that end, we aim to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

Certain health concerns are more common in reproductive-aged women as well as menopausal women, like migraines, thyroid problem, hypertension, and diabetes. Even menopausal and aged women can have medical problems related to heart and lungs. These are the medical problems that are not treated by your Gynaecologists.

So at Vama, you will get the facility of experienced female general physician doctor, who will take care of your overall health, and will treat your high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and other problems along with a team of dietician and physiotherapist.At VAMA will also keep track of your heart and overall health with regular ECG monitoring and various wellness health packages.

Our major focus is on promotion of healthy lifestyle and earliestdetection and preventive measures for chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, etc. She believes in conducting a straight forward, scientific practice. The central focus in her life is her work, and medicine is the subject she loves the most.

VAMA is committed to providing you absolutely rational and transparent practice of preventive as well as curative and rehabilitative medicine, strictly based on the principle of Evidence Based Medicine, which is also the call of the day.

Consultant Physician

Dr. Unnati T. Mehta - M.D. (Medicine)

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VAMA has General Medical Care Clinic offering in the very comforting environment from our experienced female Physician expert healthcare professional to assist women in need.