Celebrities Who Fought And Survived Breast Cancer

  • July  13, 2018
  • RK

Lack of awareness and Screening: Breast Awareness (Being aware of symptoms of BC, looking out for them regularly, and reporting them on time to a doctor) is the single most important factor responsible for the better survival of patients....

VAMA Welcoms New Experts Female Doctors on Board

  • July  02, 2018
  • RK

We are pleased to introduce our association with experienced and dynamic female doctors on Board VAMA. Dr. Ami Yagnik-Vama General surgeon , Dr. Trupti Patel - Vama Psychiatrist and relationship Expert , Dr. Bijal Gandhi...


  • June  16, 2018
  • RK

VAMA Lecture series on 7 SECRETS OF HAPPY AGING by well known Psychiatrist Dr. Trupti Chaudhari Patel at VAMA Wellness Centre For Women....

Diabetes and Menopause In Women

  • November  27, 2017
  • RK

Diabetes and menopause may team up for varied effects on your body, including Changes in blood sugar level. The hormones estrogen and progesterone affect how your cells respond to insulin. After menopause, changes in your hormone levels can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar level....